Barramundi Hardbodies

Being such a prized fish or so long the Baramundi has an arsenal of lures designed to target them that is quite substantial. Here are a few that have proven themselves over and over again.

As for colour choice, I prefer the Brighter colours for them but in clear water a lot of fisherman like natural colours. 

As opposed to taking a ton of one style you think will work or have heard will work (that will work) consider taking lures that will dive to different depths and have different weights and lengths. The logic behind this is as follows, the lure depth is important because all rivers are different, and rivers are constantly changing, the sandbars can be .5 of a meter, so you want a lure that wont go very deep such as the Bomber long shot minnow 5'' or the good old fashion Bomber 14A, when fishing an edge or a deep er bank lets say around the 1.5m mark you would use the Rob Gaden Classic Lures Classic 120 +3 that will get to 1m so will keep the lure n the strike zone, if you were fishing a deep bank or a sharp edge that dropped away quickly the Jackall Squirrel Hank tune  gets down to about 2.2m depending on line class but will get down to 2.8 on the troll. Lure size is quite important on some days, if the fish are feeding on small bait they quite often not take anything other than a small profile and the same goes for bigger. Lure weights generally correlate with size so there is not a lot you can do about it, but soft plastics can be changed up a lot as jig head weights vary within hook sizes, so you may use a small profile but still increase weight to suit conditions. Soft Vibes although not a traditional hardbody are always worth a mention as they have a realistic profile and have a lot of weight for their size which makes them very good for fishing strong current and deep holes in the rives where you want your lure on the bottom.