Bream Soft Plastics Lures and Jigheads

Bream fishing has changed so much in the last decade and bait fishing is being superseded by soft plastics that catch more fish. With this come a vast range of Bream soft plastics and  Jigheads to suit. We have selected our favourites to narrow your search down through the soft plastics designed for Snapper, Jewfish, Flathead and other species.  

When picking Bream lures one thing to consider is the estuaries you fish and whether or not it is a very clear system or you fish brackish water, the reason for this is its good to try and get darker green and brown soft plastics like Gulp Grubs and Shrimps for brackish dirty water and things like Motor Oil Zman Grubz or Powerbait minnows in 3'' for clear estuaries that have a lot of tidal flow.


When choosing your TT Jig heads and Nitro Bream Pro's to suit use only sizes #4,#2 and #1 in weights 1/20oz, 1/16oz, 1/12oz and 1/8oz