Daiwa Bait Junkie Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

With the new Bait Junkie Soft Plastics Daiwa have come out with a soft to suit a huge range of soft plastic lures to help you catch your species of choice. Daiwa Bait Junkie Soft Plastics start from small sizes like the Bait Junkie Risky Critters designed for Bream, Whiting, Bass, Flathead and when well presented will catch most Estuary species. There are a couple different sized Bait Junkie Grubs that can be used anywhere from the estuary to offshore, and the same goes for the Paddle Tail Minnow but they have an ever broader range of sizes and can be used from estuaries to the biggest of pelagics. The Bait Junkie Range also includes the traditional Jerk Bait style soft plastic but with an an additional joint to give it an action like no other.  Bait Junkie soft plastics are the culmination of years of collaboration between Daiwa engineers from Japan and local Australian R&D teams. Developed specifically for Australian conditions and to top it off Bait Junkie baits & packs are also loaded with Shrimp Power-Oil, a powerful shrimp-based formula to make sure that the moment your lure hits the water it’s working.