Halco Max 190 Hard Body Fishing Lures

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Halco Max 190 Hard Body Lures

The Halco Max 190 is a larger version of the Max 130. This cutting edge bibles minnow is extremely versatile. The Halco Max 190 can be used either jigging, casting or trolling. The Max 190 has a highly streamlined design that gives this 155 gram winner outstanding casting ability while allowing trolling speeds up to 12 knots with minimal resistance. Cast to where the fish are! The Halco Max 190 has a slender tail section, designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. This updated model now has #7/0 Inline Single hooks to increase hook-ability and make your catch easier to handle. Max represents the lure of the future. It goes without saying that Max incorporates Halco’s legendary toughness and durability that keep Halco ahead of the rest.

  • #7/0 inline single hooks
  • 2m when trolled 2-12 knots


Model Trolling Speed Weight Length Hooks Applications Buoyancy
Max 190 2-12 Knots 155 Grams 190mm, 7.5 Inches #7/0 Inline Singles Jigging, Casting, Trolling Rapid Sinking


The Halco Lure name has always been synonymous with quality, durability and longevity. If you are looking for a no worries trolling lure that will catch you fish after fish then the Halco Max 190 is the choice. The Halco Max 190 is a multi-purpose pelagic catching weapon, you can troll the Halco Max 190 for 2-12 knots so you do not have to worry about it blowing out when coming down the face of waves. It is one of the best lures for tolling behind a Sailboat for this reason as sailboats pick up a lot of speed down the face of wave in a following sea and we recommend them as the best lure for trolling behind a sailboat at Otto's. This just proves how great the Halco Max 190 is as a trolling lure because most lures won't do it. As the Halco Max 190 has a lot of weight and an attractive vibrating action it works well as a jig for Kingfish and Tuna when they are below the thermocline and won't come up to the surface. The Halco Max 190 also a good casting lure in windy and rough conditions as it weighs 155 grams and has a fairly small profile for its weigh making it cast like a bullet.

Now with the updated single hooks on it the Halco Max 190 it makes it one of the best Bibless minnow Tuna lures on the market, previously with treble hooks the Halco Max 190 had some issues as the trebles are not strong enough if only one barb went into the fish and you were fishing on 50lb or upwards. 

Buy the Halco Max 190 Brand new at Otto's Tackle World for the best price around.

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