Head Start Fishing Ballyhoo Rigging System - Diver

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Head Start Fishing Ballyhoo Rigging System - Diver Mackerel Trolling Rig 

If you like trolling for Spannish, spotted and other Mackerel then the Head Start Rigginf systems are hard to beat, they allow you bait ro run strain with no twisting of the line and of course increasing your hook up rates in the process as a straight running bait will out fish a spinning one every single time.  

The Head Start is a quick rig system for garfish (ballyhoo) & other dead baits with a unique 'through eye' locking system which results in a natural swimming action. Features a 50gm ballasted weight to keep the bait upright & running at depth of 1m at 6 knots.

  • A two-piece unit with one piece - the head- having a flexible side & the other side having a pin which goes through the eye of the bait. 
  • Quick rig system - baits last longer.
  • Supplied with a beaded chain & a 7/0 hook however mono, fluorocarbon or wire & hook of your choice may be substituted with use of a crimp to act as a stopper.
  • Designed for garfish (ballyhoo) but is used successfully for other dead baits, plus bait strips & squid.
  • Life like action - bait won't spin.
  • Allows adjustable hook location - recommended locating the hook far in the back for more successful hook ups.
  • Molded from polycarbonate & available in several colours.  Durable, compact & versatile.
  • Made in USA.
  • Replacement bead chain/hook (stainless steel) is available in pkt/2.  Hook size 7/0.  Chain length 6" (150mm).
  • May be used with artificial bait (Head Start Chewy-Hoo) available (see this sub-category).
  • Rigging instructions included.
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