Berkley Gulp Turbo Shrimp ALL SIZES Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

The Gulp Turbo Shrimp is the an absolute game changer for any fisherman, begginer or expert, the Gulp Turbo Shrimp has a unique leg design that has a spectacular action in the water making fish fight over it, and Being a Gulp the Turbo Shrimp is irresistable to fish. If you want the best chance of catching a fish then you need a Gulp Turbo shrimp in your arsenal. At Ottos we are proud to stcok the full range of Turbo Shrimp.  

  • Unique leg design for maximum vibration to attract fish
  • Life-like segmented shrimp body and tail
  • Built from the proven Gulp!® formula to distribute fish attracting scent
  • Available in three sizes
  • Available in six colours for any water conditions

The Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp is the next evolution of shrimp imitations that is set to change the game for all salt and freshwater fishing scenarios.
Featuring a unique leg design that pulsates back and forward upon retrieval, the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp creates turbulence and vibration in the water that disperses scent and attracts more fish.
With a range of natural and vibrant colours to suit all waterways around the country, and three different sizes, the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp will be a killer lure for anything from flathead in the south to barra up north.
There is no doubt that the shrimp is a staple in the diets of all fish throughout Australia, and now the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp will be a staple in any angler’s tackle box that wants to catch more fish!