Shimano Bantam Swimbait Fishing Lures 2022

Shimano have released their latest range of Hardbody Swimbaits the Bantam or BT’s and they have not disappointed, the range of Bantam Swimbait Lures include a great variety of sizes for different species.

The Bantam Jijil Flash boost 115mm and the Shimano Bantam BT Bait 99mm are perfect size for a wide range of species from Bass right up to Murray Cod and Barra, the smaller Bantam lures are a great option as they can still be eaten by bigger fish when they are eating smaller bait, but are a good sized lure for the smaller species that would usually shy away from large Swimbaits. The Shimano Bantam BT Force Swimbait 190mm and the Bantam BT Sraptor are a more traditionally sized Swimbait for large predatory species like Murray Cod, Mulloway (jewfish) Barramundi and XL Flathead. The Large bantam lures vary from 50 to 80g so are not super heavy and can still be thrown on heavy spin gear so a swim baiting rod is not a must.