Shimano Talica 2 Speed Fishing Reels

Shimano Talica 2 Speed is a compact designed by Shimano for any serious offshore angler. The Shimano Talica 2 Speed was designed using the cold forged technique. The 2 Speed option on this Talica offer angler the flexible of fishing application. The Talica 2 Speed comes with high-speed lever drag reel which favor on the sportfishing angler. 

Without a doubt, The Shimano Talica 2 Speed has made itself known among Australian Angler and the world. With the use of High Efficiency gearing, Talica 2 speed will give you plenty of power and drag to catch that big one in the bluewater. The Talica 2 Speed has a EL treated machined aluminium frame which gives it a lightweight. 

You need reliable gear with you up against the big monster in a long fight. The Shimano Talica 2 Speed come with crosss carbon drag and six SA-RB bearings. This is also the feature that make the Talica 2 speed stand apart. With awesome cranking power in either gear make them a dream to use among angler. The Talica 2 Speed are available in five sizes: 12, 16, 20, 25 and 50.