Shimano Saragosa SW Fishing Reels

The most iconic Shimano reel - Shimano Saragosa Reel has been the top-selling reel in our store since its release a few years ago. The Shimano Saragosa possesses many features that the high-end Stella or Twin Power possess. The Shimano Saragosa Reel has been designed uniquely to survive the harsh environment of the Australian water.

The most affordable & Outstanding performance - The Shimano Saragosa Reel is the most affordable reel on the market, for its power and performance. The Shimano Saragosa Reel features X-Ship technology from Shimano, this makes the Saragosa stronger than ever. The Shimano Saragosa is encased in a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body.

From Angler to Angler - The Shimano Saragosa is by far the best bang for your buck. It has a wide range of sizes from Saragosa 5000 to Saragosa 25000, covering all types of fishing applications with the Shimano Saragosa 10000 being the most popular reel among them all. The Saragosa 10000 seems to achieve the sweet spot of size, weight and performance.
Shimano Saragosa 5000, 6000, 8000 and 10 000 - The smaller of the Saragossa Reels are suitable for light jigging inshore or for venturing out to the nearby reef offshore.
The Saragosa 5000,  being the smallest of the crew the Saragosa 5000 is perfect for all your soft plastic and soft vibes in estuaries and inshore reefs,
The Saragosa 6000, Also small and compact like the 5000 the 6000 Saragosa has the same body as the 5000 but will take a little more line, The 6000 size is good as a double up reel for fishing the estuaries but also has that little bit more line if you target Snapper on Deeper reefs.
The Saragosa 8000, The Saragosa 8000 is a powerhouse, it has all the drag you will need for fishing any Power pro pound you would like to put on it, The Saragosa 8000 has the same size body as the 10000 so is good if you do not do a lot of deep water fishing, but ion saying so the 8000 Saragosa will still take 240m of 50lb Power PRO,
The Saragosa 10000, the Most Popular of the Saragosa range the Saragosa 10000 is a compact, strong and light reel that is good enough to most types of fishing, The 10000 Saragosa will 300 meters of 50lb Power Pro, we have personally put the Saragosa 10000 to the test. Luke D (@tinnie_life) from Otto’s has taken the Saragosa reels all around Australia on his Dog Bowl and Caught Countless monsters on them and the are yet to miss a beat.
The Saragosa 20000, The 20000 is a beast of a reel, if you are thinking about buying the 20000 Saragosa you might consider just getting the 25000 size as they have the same body the extra line capacity of the 25000 is nice advantage. The 20000 and the 25000 Saragosa are both big enough to target the dry biggest of fish, Even Leatherjackets. These two models have proven themselves on Marlin, Grouper, Dogtooth Tuna and some of the biggest GT’s the world has to offer.
All in all the Shimano Saragosa range are gutsy and durable saltwater spinning reels. Featuring X-Ship encased in a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body with an XGT7 rotor. Whichever of the Shimano Saragosa SW Reels you choose it will deliver remarkable cranking power with less effort and a smoother feel. The Shimano Saragosa also has The X-Shield and X-Protect feature to keep salt water out of key areas, while the Cross Carbon Drag is also waterproof.