Barra Plastics

Fishing for Barra there are a few plastics that really do work a treat.

Top of the list plastics would have to be some models in the zman range. The Scented paddlers in 5inch have been deadly. 

While the Zman streakz range have also proven themselves to work exceptionally well.  For most Barra Fishermen will favour the Zman Swimmerz V2, they have been the go to for many years now. These plastics need to be coupled with TT  Headlockz Jig Heads for best results. Most common weights and size for these jig heads will range from 3/0 to 7/0 depending on the size of soft plastic used. Weights will range from 1/4 oz to 1oz depending on depth and water flow.

There are a few alternate brands that have created quite the reputation for catching stonker Barra. Prolure Fishtales in the 130mm size are deadly on wild barra. Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly have been producing quality barra from impoundments for a number of years and is often first choice of competition anglers.

After heavy rains the Shimano Squidgy Prawn paddle tail is often the go with wild Barra. You can also try the Ecoda Live Shrimp 127mm after a fresh flush in river systems.