Shimano Twin Power SW Fishing Reels

Shimano Twin Power is the Stella Twin they say. Like its name, Shimano Twin Power has most of the Stella features, but at a more affordable price. The Shimano Twin Power has an additional ten SA-RB bearings and the roller bearing which will make the winding experience on the Shimano Twin Power even more exquisitely smooth and luxurious.

High Performance - Shimano Twin Power were born to help you chase the big marlin, Yellowfin Tuna,  Bluefin Tuna, metre Kingfish or any blue water monsters out there. The Shimano Twin Power has all the bearings and the gear to handle it, no matter how big the fish or how high the drag setting.

Versatile - The Shimano Twin Power is well known for its powerful performance as its name portrays. The Shimano Twin Power can also handle the finesse fishing with soft plastics, working a stick bait or jig in deep water. Within the range of Shimano Twin Powers, there is a range of gear ratios to go the distance and a range of line capacities to handle even a monster fish.

Form Angler to angler - The Shimano Twin Powers are best spooled with Power Pro braid. The use of braid is backed up by incredible drag power — a massive 11 kilos in the Shimano Twin Power 4000 SWB XG, and up to 25 kilos on the Shimano Twin Power 14 000 SWB XG.

Shimano Twin Power 4000 - 8000 - Within this range of Shimano Twin Powers, you can target a wide variety of fish. All the Twin Powers have a tough drag and AR-C spool which makes it incredibly comfortable casting and handling any big fish.

Shimano Twin Power 10 000 - 14 000 - Due to their Cross carbon drag and X-Ship technology the larger Shimano Twin Power reels are the premier choice when it comes to catching big fish. With a large AR-C spool, the Shimano Twin Powers have a large line capacity making them ideal for fish on the run.