Yamashita Egi Sutte R 2.5 Squid Jigs

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Yamashita Egi Sutte R 2.5 Squid Jigs

Knife edged sinker & Slim head shape make for great slide action. Line eye is not swivel, It's reduce the ''break Line eye'' due to metal fatigue by long time used. Features

  • Slim style head
  • Knife edge style sinker
  • Equipped with Super fine stainless steel hooks - better Hooking than regular Hook due to Sharp and wide Hooking area.
  • Super fine Hook isn't equipped Nylon Line.
  • All have transparent and full glow bodies

The Yamashita Sute R squid jigs are the best value for money squid jig in the Yamashita range, the Yamashita Sutte r jigs in size 2.5 are a great all round size for fishing estuaries and off the rock when the conditions are good, The Yamashita Sutte R Squid jigs are great for boat fishing when casting into shallow water towards the bank as the cast well but do not sink to fast. The Yamashita Suite R 2.5 Squid jigs have proven themselves to be as succesfull as many other squid jigs on the market that are twice the price.

Available in the following sizes:


Size Weight Sink Speed Length
1.5 3.0g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 4.5cm
1.8 5.0g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 5.4cm
2.2 6.5g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 6.6cm
2.5 10g 4.0 - 4.5 sec / m 10cm
3.0 15g 3.0 - 3.5 sec / m 11.5cm
3.5 20g 3.0 - 3.5 sec / m 13cm


When it comes to fishing for squid Yamashita sutte r are the go-to jig; coming in a wide range of colours suited for various conditions ranging from shallow water to deeper water, night or day and fishing over weed beds with the added glow Yamahita sutte r squid jigs have a jig size and colour suited for every condition.

The Best Yamashita Sutte R 2.5 colours to use in Clear water and when the squid aren't as active: 

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Browns: NAJ, NIB, BWBK

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Dark greens: NQS, ROL

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Pink: BWP, RP, BP (Can also be used when the squid are active)

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Blue and natural: NEB, NKN, NMI (Can also be used when the squid are active)


Best Sutte R 2.5 colours to use in Clearwater and when the squid highly active:

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Oranges: RO, BWO, BO

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Blue and natural: NEB, NKN, NMI


Best Sutte R 2.5 colours to use when squid aren't active and the water conditions are Muddy:

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Reds, violets and rainbow



Best Yamashita Sutte R 2.5 jigs to use when the water is muddy but squid activity is at its highest: 

Rainbows: BO, BP, BOL

High light Greens: BHT NQS


When fishing in and around weed beds and kelp some of the best Yamashita Sutte R 2.5 jigs to use are your natural colours like NQS, ROL, NEB, NAJ, NKN, NMI

Some of the best Yamashita Sutte R 2.5 jigs for fishing the deeper waters are your bright colours like BWP and BWO Pink and Orange


Added accessories that can be used while fishing for squid:

  • Yamashita Sutte R jigs are one of the most common jigs used at night due to the glow it puts out when paired with a UV light like the Black Magic UV/Torch.
  • Egg snaps for easy and quick changing of jigs without the need to cut and re-tie your line
  • Clip on weights like Daiwa Egi squid jig weights
  • Egi-max and glow-max


You can get the full range of Yamashita Sutte R Squid Jigs at Otto's Tackle World.

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