The yamashita Sutte R Range of squid jigs are by far the best value range of squid jigs on the market, they Sutte R jigs have a huge variety of squid catching colours and a huge range of sizes for different squidding applications. When choosing what Yamashita Sutte R Squid Jig to use keep in mind the depth you are fishing. The smaller Sutte R jigs from Sutte R 1.5 to Sutte R 2.5 are perfect for bays harbours and estuaries and the Sutte R 3.0 and sutte r 3.5 jigs are better suited to fishing deep water and long casting from the ocean rocks for big squid. But there are no set rules to this and if there are small arrows in deeper water the smaller Yamashita Sutte R Jigs are the go to. Yamashita have long been making quality world renowned squid jigs. The yamashita sutte r jigs are a slim style head with a knife edge style sinker, this gives the sutte r jig a narrow profile that helps with casting and sink rates and come with super fine stainless steel hooks to help increase your hook up rate. You can trust that your Yamashita Sutte R Squid jigs are going to catch you a nice feed of squid and we are proud to stock the full range @ Ottos Tackle World.