Shimano Fishing Rods

Australian Fishing rods need to be tough and durable to capably handle big Australian fish. Shimano fishing rods are some of the toughest on the market. Shimano fishing rods has been designed in Australia, by experienced Australian anglers, who know exactly what is required when targeting the local species. Shimano fishing rods come with a range of over 300 rods across 35 different series.

You will certain to find the fishing rod required for your specific fishing requirements. Shimano’s Australian rod Designers have incorporated a number of unique designs focusing on strength and balance, the result of which, balances perfectly in your hand while fishing. Shimano fishing rods
will not let you down.
Anglers in Australia are always looking for that edge when fighting their catch and having the right balanced rod for the species that you are targeting is extremely important. Shimano fishing rods are specially designed rods for a number of Australian fish, including, Barra, Bream, Bass, Flathead, Whiting, Marlin, Kingfish, GT’s and many more.

Shimano fishing rods have the new innovative TC3 and TC4 blanks, allow Shimano to get the maximum amount of strength and power, while keeping the overall weight of the rods down considerable. Shimano fishing rods allows for much easier use and also gives the anglers the option to fish much lighter line classes on heavier species.

Shimano fishing rods are available at a number of different price points and styles so you are certain to find a rod to match exactly what you are looking for.